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Do Your Fuel Injectors Need Replacing?

  Failed fuel injectors can be a cause for a great many problems with your cars overall performance. Whether your car has an electronic fuel injection system (E.F.I.) or a constant injection system (C.I.S.) the problems experienced from both are very similar. Here are a list of some of the symptoms you may be having caused by poor fuel distribution by faulty fuel injectors.
     (1   Hard Starting
   (2  Poor fuel economy
   (3  Rough Idle
   (4  Car runs fine when cold and terrible when warm
   (5  Car will start just fine when cold and not when warm
   (6  Getting a fuel smell inside the car
   (7  Loss of power in acceleration
   (8  Fuel leaking from injector seals or injector
  Injectors are just as easy to replace as your spark plugs.
  In either system fuel injectors should be replaced every 80,000 to 100,000 miles as a regular maintenance part. Some professionals insist on replacing them and part of a major tune up at about 90,000 miles. The reason for this is that the internal mechanics such as the springs, needle seats, and plungers start to weaken and will not allow the fuel injector to open and close properly. By not opening and closing properly the injector will send too much or too little fuel to the engine causing it to flood itself or starve itself for fuel resulting in the problems listed above. Remember to change all the seals, orings, and holders required with replacing injectors.
  Think You Can Just Clean Fuel Injectors...
  Most fuel injectors can be cleaned for a while but eventually the constant movement of the internal parts causes the fuel injector to just wear out. Cleaning will not solve this problem. However using a better fuel will always help to keep the injectors clean which will make the injector perform better and longer. Faulty fuel injectors if not replaced can also cause damage to other fuel system parts such as fuel filters, fuel pumps, check valves, fuel regulators, and fuel distributors. This could cause hundreds of dollars in additional repairs. Keep your car on the road longer by replacing your fuel injectors regularly.
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